Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I took today as a day of rest - I stayed in bed and watched movies - it was nice. God knows I needed to work, as $ is becoming harder and harder for me to come by, but I think not losing my sanity is more important right now. Considering the past year - it's amazing I'm still functioning.

My heart is broken and after what happened last week (which I'll go into detail about one day - though not today), a friendship with my ex isn't even close to being a possibility due to his complete lack of respect and consideration for my feelings, body and being.

I've decided that since I've chosen not to perform in porn any time soon due to the current HIV issue in the business (I'll still be solo on my webcam though), and being that everywhere I look reminds me of my ex and the time we spent together over the past year - I'm leaving LA at the end of August. There's nothing here for me.

I suppose this move to LA didn't work out and was a waste - I'll admit it, I failed at yet another thing in life. Maybe one day something will work out even though it's obviously not today.