Friday, July 31, 2009

It's interesting as a webcam girl (and overall computer nerd girl) to witness the evolution of sex webcamming. I remember back when I first began the systems were totally crude and VERY few and far between. It was primarily services and networks like and with a few websites sprinkled into the mix, which had girls listing their yahoo messenger or netmeeting screen names. The webcams were all super choppy and you never saw or even heard the guys, they just chatted with you via text.

Then in time, the "phone with cam" trend took off, and as DSL/cable internet service became more assessable and less expensive the "cam with audio" trend took over.

Now days, sex webcamming is probably just as (if not more) entertaining for me, as it is my viewers. I get to see the guy during most of my webcam shows, and I'll tell you, being a single woman now, it really eases the loneliness - it's like having a new fling with a different guy (or guys) every hour I'm online, and some of the guys are HOOOOOOTTTTTTTT :)

Being that I know so much about webcamming, I'm thinking about putting together a site about it - I don't have time to at the moment, but eventually I'll get to it.

Speaking of loneliness, I'm back to being horny as hell. I'm wondering when I'll find myself in the situation of having sex again - of course I can have sex with myself, and I do, multiple times a day - however it's always more fun with a partner - the question is - when will I meet a new partner? It's gotta be someone hot, who I really like, and who's into me as well...guess only time will tell on that one. On top of that there are some new sexual activities I want to explore, so finding someone open enough to explore them with may be an "issue"...

It's a shame, because being 30 years old, I'm at my sexual peak, and being that I am my ideals and notions of sex, and what's right and wrong for me from a personal and moral standpoint are substantially morphing. Funny how that works - I'm actually reaching a level of becoming much more adventurous and open again.

Side note: Looks like once again the people at are reading my blog, and this time they're taking it a bit too far by inferring that I should kill myself by sitting in a tub with a toaster oven? Sorry but suicide isn't for me, I love myself too much and loneliness could never prompt me to want to end my life. The only way I'll be expiring will be via old age.

The poster inferring I should kill myself obviously is a complete sicko & psycho being that they're fixated on pornstars and ex-pornstars dying (look at this other forum thread they created called "a small list of deaths"), which is actually very scary to think about. It's common knowledge that entertainers in the past (adult or mainstream) that didn't "play the game" are often eliminated by the people who couldn't control them. I want my readers to know that if my blog or websites suddenly cease being updated and/or disappear, then I SOMETHING is probably VERY wrong.