Friday, July 03, 2009

Well, it looks as though will definitely be launched July 4th of 2009! I've been awake all night and neglecting my webcam show friends (I'm very sorry about the lack of private cam shows over the past few days but I'll be back in full force this weekend), to make sure everything is up and running just as it should be on - I've created a supplemental blog for the site as well, so if you enjoy this blog, you will enjoy as well.

As of this morning about half the information is up and online but I still am in the process of editing and re-writing (I over do it) some of the information for the subsections of the site AND I still need to edit and possibly re-record some of my video commentaries.

Considering the current restructuring of the porn industry and the state of the economy (more women are turning to the porn and adult industry as a source of income than ever - check this article on MSNBC), I feel that getting this information out if very important.

You know, it's funny, because around when I first was beginning to shoot porn scenes, I shot for one woman in particular who I was really excited about meeting, but whom I received the impression did not like me one bit. I told this woman about how I was planning on putting together and she clearly felt that I couldn't possibly know what I was talking about due to:

1) my experience in the industry not paralleling her own

2) her experience in the industry being far more lengthy than mine

3) her possible loss in faith in any of her peers in the industry (it can easily happen)

Well, I definitely am far from knowing everything about porn, but I'm extraordinarily observant, and I feel that one of my "talents" is that I'm able to see beyond the surface (though I might not always let on that I do), and piece together pieces of a puzzle very well.

This particular woman is someone I'd still like to get to know a bit more on some level oneday, I thought she was very interesting and I think that through her experiences she could do a lot for other women who may take a path similar to her own.

Next on the agenda for July will be to start doing a broadcast of weekly, possibly create a weekly broadcast for, begin work on a sister site to which will be , begin work on my newest project and start my newest service for porn performers on a budget who want a website

I own quite a few domain names that I need to figure out what to do with. For example, I registered a while back mainly because I've begun to notice more and more pornstars crossing into not just mainstream entertainment but into all sorts of other professions WITHOUT feeling the need to hide their "porn past". I think that's kind of cool, so it'll probably be some sort of a simple site that I develop that centers around that trend/phenomenon.

I obviously have no life and am obsessed with porn as of current. Considering my most recent chain of events in my personal life, keeping myself busy is probably the best thing. My computer and projects have become my "boyfriend" again since obviously no human I come into contact deems me worthy of spending a vast amount of quality time on and giving their love to. Ugh - depressing.

On a side note, it looks like my friends who run harleysxxxtv will be launching a radio show and altering the direction of their site just a bit. I think that's great that they're moving along and not giving up.