Sunday, July 26, 2009

In my last blog, I stated that I always try my best. This morning I realized that I've been wasting my time by trying, because typically when you say you're "trying" you're not certain whether you can do something or not - you're basically lacking faith and belief in yourself. Either that or you're attempting to alter something that is completely out of your scope of control.

I'm am guilty of attempting to alter many things that are out of my scope of control - primarily though - relationships. In my past relationship, I thought that if I "tried" hard enough it would work. I was wrong. On my end, I did what I needed to do. I allowed myself to bend and I compromised. I was willing to wait. However in the very end, I realized that all I could do in reality was meet my ex in the middle - he wasn't willing to make the journey to meet me. He didn't want to.

Initially I took this personally, but now I realize that for him, the journey wasn't worth his doing anything - in his life overall there isn't much, from my perspective, that is worth much doing which is reflected in many facets of his life. Some people simply don't want to do anything. Some people are afraid to grow.

All in all, Yoda is right. You either do, or you do not - there is no "try". It's hard to realize this because you really do have to "un-learn" much of what mainstream media teaches.

My advice to the readers of my blog for today? If you want to do something, if you believe you can - if you have faith that you will - you can - so do it. Otherwise don't "try".

Only surround yourself with people who are "doers". Don't surround yourself with people who don't do anything and especially don't hang around people who won't and who are fearful. They are the true losers and usually they are users and takers as well. Remember, that it's the person with the most physical weapons and armor, that is the most fearful.

Recently someone asked me if since launching whether or not I'd received negative feedback in the form of threats and if I was worried. My answer? Of course I've received "threats" - I've fucked with people's money and for the weak, that's the worst. Am I worried? Not one bit because there's nothing I'm afraid of anymore.

In fact, recently it was brought to my attention via an associate that because I LINKED to the 1 person who has publicly come out as to having had contact with "Patient 0 / X" in the recent HIV issue affecting the porn industry that I should be "careful". If anything, this individual should re-think their life and purpose as I stated in my GettingIntoPorn Blog (of which I inquired, why be a victim, when you can be an EXAMPLE AND LEADER). This "associate" of mine who I've worked with NEEDS TO COME FORWARD with the information she has related to me to the people I referred her to in regards to this situation, because she has the POWER to SAVE LIVES.

I realized a long time ago that it's knowledge, information and (most of all) the sharing of information that is the strongest force and power in the world, probably in the universe. As soon as you release information it spreads, like wildfire, so even if someone "came after" me, it's too late now to stop what has started.

This blog is short tonight because I have a lot to DO. As of late I really feel as if I've taken some sort of "spiritual steroids" because my level of clarity when it comes to understanding myself, others and the world has dramatically sharpened.

Have a positive, happy and productive week everyone :)