Thursday, July 23, 2009

No your eyes are not deceiving you, I have hair extensions again :)

I will be on webcam most of the day today and pretty much all weekend because:

1) I have a very limited social life
2) I need to get my bills paid.

If I were willing to do more than I am, and wasn't afraid of jail, I wouldn't have to worry about reason #2 at all. Sometimes I feel like an dumb ass for being such a goody-goody. I'm not against escorting, I actually think that the escorting system COULD BE be much more "civilized" than the porn industry, however since it's illegal (everywhere in the US but Nevada), I have to say no to it.

Instead I will be making my camshows a bit more entertaining. Yesterday I introduced a new "side of me" named "Mighty Afrodite" - she will be making appearances a few times each week to mix it up a bit. Other characters may be coming soon. :)

If you're one of my readers, be sure to buy a nice long relaxed camshow from me soon so that I can eat, sleep, and continue to work. Thanks :)