Saturday, July 18, 2009

Usually I am doing cam shows most of the weekend, however this weekend I will not be as I will be embarking on the first phase of a sort of "spiritual cleansing" and "shift".

Nothing drastic... it's just time to close the door on a lot of the negativity I've just come through (especially from January of this year to June), and open the door WIDE to the positivity that has been waiting for me. Lets just say I'm cleaning house of everything & everyone who knows damn well they belong in the dumpster.

"Hippie talk" you say? Of course it is...I'll be in this phase till I'm about 60. I just entered my Saturnian period in January and now I'm on the other side of it, and if you're into astrology, you know what that means.

I'm very very very pleased with the responses I've been receiveing in regards to - I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the women who have sent me powerful and emotional emails of encouragement and thanks.

I feel project enabled (and continues to enable) me to:
1) take a solid stance on some issues
2) act as an outlet for me to give back to other women who are where I was via the sharing of my experiences and knowledge
3) effectively assist in making changes in the porn industry that need to be made

I have a feeling the condom mandatory law will happen, with loopholes most likely (but hey, at least condom use will become a bit more common)- check this article.)

I think will be a constant "work in progress". As I move behind the camera in the adult industry along with moving into other careers in my life completely seperate from the adult industry I'm sure I'll be learning much more and expanding my perspective - so much the info on the site will consistently "evolve".

As of current, I have many more ideas for the site including a weekly video webchat or video blog (this is actually necessary currently to address all the email and questions I've received as it's too much to respond too case by case) so look out for that next week.

Now here are a few things I need to add...In the next few paragraphs I am addressing those who REALLY need to get their day to day earthy lives and spiritual selves in a much more positive and right place, before their time is up (and trust me, the clock never stops ticking for anyone):

Many of the emails I've been receiving through have been from people who I know damn well are wannabe pimps and/or industry slackers who really need to give up on the porn industry at this point and move into a different profession. If you are asking ME for advice as to how to market, promote or sell something, and you have been in the porn industry longer than I have, then you are SIMPLY NOT SMART ENOUGH TO SURVIVE IN THIS INDUSTRY ANYMORE. The restructuring has begun in porn and it's sink or swim, if you aren't swimming now you never will. is a guide for WOMEN of the NEW porn industry. I am NOT here to assist any men (or women) make money off of their "girlfriend", friend or hoe. If you can't do it on your own now, then you NEVER WILL (and I don't support that "professional" mentality to begin with).

Furthermore if some of these negative emails continue I will have NO PROBLEM posting your name, email address and the messages in their entirety.

One thing I don't have much of (actually, maybe not any at this point), is fear - and being that I am one of the people in this world without much to lose, I am fairly dangerous to those who DO have (or who think they have) a lot to lose. Keep in mind that could go in MANY directions so to those who monitor my blog and websites and who think they are contacting me "anonymously" or under a "guise" - be careful. I might just be a "Porn Whore" yes, but I'm a PW who enjoys thinking and is very talented at piecing things together, so tread lightly.

Ok, enough of addressing that battle for now.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be on webcam here and there, and I'll have much to report on Monday.

Here's a fun video to check out "Sexy & Dangerous" (skip the video to about 4:20):