Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today was a nice, easy day. Just cam shows, a light work out, and caught up on the phone with some out of state friends.

Apparently the angry nerd herd at decided to pick up my blog from a few days ago where I mentioned that I'm over personal-life sex for now and am going to wait until I'm at least engaged to a guy with a wedding day set before I have sex (I should really say make love, being that it'd be with someone that I'd care for) again.

I'm not doing this for religious reasons - just personal reasons that I think are the right thing for my life right now. I'll admit it though - this choice is DIFFICULT! I'll just have to do more intense workouts and lots of meditation to compensate.

My last relationship which lasted about year was great physically, but nearly destroyed me emotionally and psychologically. I'll never be able to figure out how a person can date someone for a year but only "like" them...fuck. Truthfully, I've come to the conclusion that the guy never really "liked" me at all. Makes me feel crappy, but coming to that realization has aided in helping me move forward.

Of course the dis informants and illiterate at altered my post from "engaged" to "married" and then went on about how "everyone else gets to bang you but your potential fiance,that sounds really well thought out". Um, - who exactly is this everyone else?

I haven't been cast in any adult roles since around January of this year, and being that I don't do "privates", I'm trying to figure out where exactly is all this "non-personal life" sex going to come from that my future fiance` would have to worry about?

In other news, I've come to realize I need to update my wardrobe a bit, so over the next few weeks I'll be doing so, and I'm looking forward to it :)